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Lakeside Yogis enjoying their Shavasana

Vinyasa Flow Yoga in English

 With a unique private lakeside view: Let Your slow and steady breathing guide you through a slow Flow Yoga session. This session builds strength and each movement is initiated by a slow controlled inhale and exhale. With the long and smooth inhale, the lungs will stretch and the nervous system becomes calm. The body begins to unfold and You will experience Yoga! We are practicing in a small group (up to 7 beautiful Yogis).

Are You New in Town? looking for Connections or friends? Are You an Expat? Or just want to refresh your English language skills? Believe it or not YES You are not THE ONLY ONE here in Hannover.  Come and Join us!

About Me

I don't need to name all VIP names- or Gurus here- I fell in Love with Yoga as an Expat in the US and In Shanghai China 7 years ago, where my Yoga path began- Why did I try it out? I had no health issues and it wasn't a community class or for free- I tried it out because I was open and wanted to be inspired.

I am a proud mom of two 'little' Children (Grades 5&7) attending the International School Hanover Region and a funny PWD Portuguese Waterdog that brings me off my mat and away from the computer into the beautiful forests and Parks. I am a Yogi- computer Scientist with Multimedia Design & Communication Management Cert. until I started my 200 RYA Vinyasa Yoga Cert (Intl.- recognized Yoga Alliance teaching standard in Vinyasa Flow). I teach Yoga in Hannover- Fitness Studio and Yoga Studio. I offer Vinyasa level 1-2, teens Yoga and 50Plus Silver Age Yoga, as well SUP Yoga (depending on the german weather) and personal Trainings.

I will always be a student- inspired by People, Talk, Culture, Books, Movies, Experience, Music, Smell, Taste, Crafts, Children, Animals, Life, Nature, Religion, Death... just live life....Namaste!

About Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga is a dynamic and creative style- it combines movement with breathing to flow from one pose (asanas) to the next with focus on a specific alignment- including breathing exercises and meditations... Every class will be exciting, fun and not the same..! 


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Phone: 0152-06678143 OR


Adress: Burgwedeler Str. 54 in 30657 Hannover- Tram Stop 'Botfelder Friedhof' (#9 Direction 'Fasanenkrug')


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